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InsureMeOnline.ca offers you personalized auto insurance coverage depending on your unique needs. We pride ourselves in being able to provide you with a variety of auto insurance quotes from our trusted partners.

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At InsureMeOnline.ca we offer some of the lowest rates in Ontario. We proudly represent a wide range of insurance providers and are able to offer you a variety of quotes from our partners.


When it is time for you to make a claim we will be there to assist you through every step of the process. Our claims specialists strive to process your claims quickly and efficiently - all while making sure you have the most hassle free experience possible.

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At InsureMeOnline.ca, excellent customer service is at the core of our business. Once you become our client you will be receiving a dedicated Broker and a Personal Service Representative that will satisfy all of your questions and needs.

Should you have any further questions regarding your insurance quote, please feel free to contact us and one of our representatives will gladly assist you.