Below you will find a glossary of terms that are commonly found on your home or auto insurance quote within Ontario. The following definitions are intended for a general audience, and should be used as guides to understanding the services we provide.

If you have any further questions regarding the terms on your quote please contact us.

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Auto Insurance

Accident benefit

These benefits are received if injuries occur during a car accident. Additionally, should a fatality occur, the beneficiary will receive these benefits.


A formal request to an insurance company requesting a payment or reimbursement based on the terms of the agreed upon insurance policy. (Many times due to damages, such as car accidents.)

Certificate of insurance

An official document outlining your coverages which includes name of the insurer, the policy period, and the limitations of coverage.


This common car insurance quote term refers to the amount that you are responsible for before your plan covers any damages.

Liability coverage

This protects you in the event of legal fees and claim settlements that are within the coverage of your policy.

Home Insurance

All risk coverage

This type of coverage insures almost everything unless otherwise specified in your policy.  All risk coverage is very common as it offers the most protection.

Building coverage

This type of coverage protects the structure of your home but not the contents.

Condominium insurance

Condominium insurance covers the inside of your unit as well as the belongings inside the unit.

Contents coverage

This coverage includes protection of your personal property that is kept within your unit/home

Liability coverage

This coverage pertains to covering damages to others where you have been found responsible. This includes for unintentional injury to the person or their property.